The European Parliament approved on 23 October the legislative proposal which will bring the European Union Directive on the training of seafarers in line with recently updated international rules. The legislative proposal also aims to ensure that information concerning seafarers is collected, aggregated and made available for statistical purposes. Today, accurate figures in this respect are lacking. The Commission adopted its proposal on 14 September 2011 and a political agreement in Council was already reached in December last year. International rules set minimum standards, while EU rules ensure their enforcement in the EU. European and international legislation are important to ensure quality jobs and safety at sea. Siim Kallas, European Commission Vice-President responsible for transport, said: “I am glad the European Parliament swiftly responded to the need to adapt to the new international framework. These new rules reflect the evolution of technology and the challenges of the last decade” The amended EU provisions fully respect the EU set of rules on working time for seafarers. The proposal also sets out the legal framework for a database on seafarers employed on EU ships, which will allow for more accurate data in this respect.

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