With the expertise of its consultants and staff, Combined Maritime Services provides its clients the opportunity of commissioning studies and research relevant to the maritime and logistics industry.
Combined Maritime Services is linked to a network of international shipping organisations and specialist firms which enable us access databases for any shipping sector. Through membership and subscriptions CMS keeps abreast of developments within the maritime industry, with special focus to short sea shipping and motorways of the sea. Combined Maritime Services has the capabilities to assist in developing business models to be forwarded for consideration of financing under the Marco Polo EU funding programme and  provides assistance in forwarding the tender documents for submission to the respective EU Directorate. This through:
• Identification of projects which fall within the domain of short sea shipping
• Motorways of the sea
• Updating service on financing through the Marco Polo Programme
• Assistance in developing feasibility study
• Guarantee on drawing up proposals to seek assistance through Marco Polo programme
• Link up with Short Sea Promotion Centres
Combined Maritime Services can also assist in management audits of medium sized shipping companies, propose re engineering processes and oversee actual implementation of recommended action and through association with other specialist firms,  offers training programmes on maritime subjects.
When focusing on feasibility and economic viability studies, Combined Maritime Services provides:
• market research
• data analysis
• projections
• drawing up of economic models
• testing of assumptions against real life situations
• developing the feasibility study
• assessing viability in terms of return on capital, worst case scenarios and net present value
The objective is to deliver a total product, within a pre agreed budget and time frame.
Some examples of studies and jobs executed by Combined Maritime Services in recent years are:
• Study on the applicability of short sea shipping to the Maltese transport scenario.
• Study on the viable operation of ferry services between Malta and Gozo.
• Feasibility and viability study on setting up of roro services between Italy, Malta and Libya
• Study on the implications of privatizing cargo handling services in the port of Valletta.
• Assistance in writing, preparing and submitting proposal in response to tender for provision of cargo handling services.
• Ship registration benchmarking costs and comparing selected factors governing choice of flag
• Registration of vessels (ongoing activity)
• Registration of companies.
• Back office support to a number of foreign companies including administration, banking, accounting, auditing and legal requirements.