Shortsea Schedules is a joint service offered by the European Shortsea Network​. It is managed by the Shortsea Promotion Service of Norway.

A number of new features will make it easy to find the perfect match for cargoes and ships. The following features are offered in the new release:

  • ​Search for services from address to address.
  • Search for services from port to port.
  • Transhipments fro​m one service to another is in​cluded in the search results. If you click on one port than directly connected ports are shown with red icon and transhipments are show with grey icon.
  • See all services and all serviced ports of all major shipping lines by searching them out in “Shipping lines and service” box.
  • See all services and connected port for any port or country by click on the port icon in the top menu and the search for country or port.
  • Follow news on changes to liner services and subscribe ​to our newsletter.
  • Send links to others by clicking on the link icon in the top menu.
  • Embedd services, routes and searches on your own pages by clicking on link icon in the top menu.

For further details, contact us on:

Tel: (00356) 21 651387
Fax: (00356) 21 651384
Email: [email protected]