The first general meeting of the newly set up Malta Maritime Forum is being held on the 27th October 2015 during a session which will be open for existing members of the Forum as well as other entities, companies and individuals who are in one way or another involved in the local maritime interest and who will be attending as observers.

The main objectives of the Malta Maritime Forum are:

•             To promote and defend the interests of the Maltese maritime interests;

•             To assist in the development of new maritime activities;

•             To promote research, education and training within the Maltese maritime industry;

•             To act as a constituted body so as to consult and be consulted by government in the development of public policies that can have a bearing on the Maltese maritime industry.

These are very broad objectives intentionally drawn up in this manner to ensure that the Forum is as inclusive as possible.  This Forum is industry-driven although it is most comforting to note that this initiative has found support and encouragement both from Government Ministers as well as public authorities involved in the maritime sector.

The need for a Maritime Forum has been felt by the industry for a long time because, whereas certain maritime sectors are very well represented by their respective associations, there has always been in Malta a lack of a holistic approach which views maritime issues from a broader perspective.

The Forum will aim at harnessing the capabilities, potential and successes registered by various sectors of the maritime industry and to emulate such success throughout the whole industry.  This can only be done by careful analysis, identification of strengths, establishment and enforcement of standards and a general effort to upgrade the maritime product.   This initiative will embrace Malta’s strategic geographical position as well as its vision of a Maritime Hub of Excellence.

The promoters of the Forum consider this development as a logical next step in Malta’s illustrious maritime tradition which generations past have turned and developed into sound pillars on which stands today’s Maritime Malta.  Private entrepreneurs who have invested their own capital in this industry, capable civil servants who advised successive administrations on how to develop the local maritime infrastructure, exceptional legal personalities who lent their academic capabilities to draft maritime laws, professional seafaring and shore personnel who made honour to the industry – these are all patrimony on which the Maritime Forum has to build for the future.  The fusion of academia and industry also bodes well for developing sound career paths to ensure that tomorrow’s maritime industry is not lacking in professional leaders.

The first general meeting, which is being held at ‘Dar l-Ewropa’, 254, St. Paul’s Street, Valletta at 0930hrs, will be entrusted with the endorsement of the statute and the election of the first board of directors.

For further details, contact us on:

Tel: (00356) 21 651387
Fax: (00356) 21 651384
Email: [email protected]