Transport Malta has issued the following notice to Shipowners, Ship Operators and Managers, Masters, Owners’ representatives and recognised organisations

The Directorate would like to remind all concerned that, in addition to the reporting obligations in terms of Section 307 of the Merchant Shipping Act, any occurrence happening on board a Maltese ship anywhere in the world and any ship within Maltese waters shall be reported to the Marine Safety Investigation Unit within Transport Malta in terms of the Merchant Shipping (Accident and Incident Safety Investigation) Regulations, 2011, Legal Notice 275 of 2011 published on 12 July 2011.

The requirement to report occurrences applies to merchant and passenger ships, fishing vessels over 15 metres in length and pleasure vessels engaged in trade. The investigative procedures are prescribed in the said Regulations and the only purpose of such safety investigations is to identify causes and safety issues, and where possible or necessary, make recommendations with the only scope of improving safety and avoid marine pollution. Since the Marine Safety Investigation Unit is neither an enforcement nor a prosecuting body, it does not have the legal mandate to investigate for the purpose of taking administrative, regulatory or criminal actions.

It is the responsibility of Masters and ISM Managers of ships operating under the Malta flag to ensure timely reporting of any occurrence. The cooperation and assistance of all concerned is crucial in safety investigations with a view to ensure that the scope of the safety investigation is achieved and safety lessons are promulgated to the maritime industry.

Reporting Occurrences

Casualties as defined in the said Regulations shall be reported to the Marine Safety Investigation Unit at the earliest opportunity and by the quickest means possible. Reports should be sent to the following address:

Head of Marine Safety Investigation
Marine Safety Investigation Unit
Malta Transport Centre
Marsa MRS 1917

Tel: +356 2291 4217
AOH: +356 7943 4315
Fax: +356 2124 1460
Email: [email protected]

The MSIU Marine Accident and Incident Report – Forms A and B (click here) may also be used as a notification report of any occurrence.

Legal Notice 275 of 2011 can be downloaded from:

For further details, contact us on:

Tel: (00356) 21 651387
Fax: (00356) 21 651384
Email: [email protected]