On January 19, under the patronage of Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, Transport Malta and the Malta Maritime Forum consolidated their business relationship through the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

Transport Malta has the mission to promote and develop the transport sector in Malta by means of proper regulation and through the promotion and development of related services, businesses and other interests both locally and internationally.

The mission of the Malta Mari­time Forum is to serve as a common platform for those Malta-based entities involved in the maritime, logistical and transport sector in Malta.

The MMF facilitates communication between the various sectors as well as with government to assist and promote the deve­lopment of the maritime industry in general.

“Malta has a natural potential to continue consolidating its position as an excellent leading maritime centre in the Mediterranean,” Dr Borg said.

He added that Malta’s political stability, EU membership, a clear commitment to support business development of high added value services, an attractive fiscal regime, a well-respected flag, a robust legislative framework and an efficient administration create the right environment for this industry to be further consolidated and to prosper.

Dr Borg augured both Transport Malta and the MMF to continue with their efforts and to have a pi­vo­tal role in defining and achieving value targets for Malta to become a centre of maritime excellence.

James Piscopo, Transport Malta CEO and chairman, explained that their cooperation with the MMF has been ongoing since the forum’s inception two years ago. The two sides decided to consolidate their working relationship through the memorandum.

MMF chairman Joe Borg appreciated the open approach adopted by Transport Malta in relation to the MMF’s various initiatives and thanked both the minister as well as Mr Piscopo for their continued recognition and support to the MMF and its extended line of members who represented the very wide spectrum of the maritime and logistics sector within Malta.

The MMF was also representing Malta’s interests on the European aspects through its active participation as a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters.

Mr Piscopo signed the memorandum on behalf of Transport Malta whereas Dr Borg as chairman and Joseph Bugeja as CEO and board member, signed on behalf of the MMF.

Transport Malta officials and MMF board members were also present for the signing of the memorandum.

Source: Times of Malta

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