The Malta Maritime Forum held its first official meeting following the appointment of its Board Members with Minister Joe Mizzi, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, on the 12th January and for which attended also the Chairman of Transport Malta, James Piscopo, the chief officers of Transport Malta and other Board Members of the Malta Maritime Forum.

Dr Joe Borg, Chairman of the Malta Maritime Forum, thanked the minister for the opportunity to meet and explained the mission of the Forum – namely to promote the interests of the Maltese maritime industry.  Dr Borg highlighted that action has already been taken by the Forum to set up sub-committees to deal with such themes as education, safety and quality, marketing and internationalisation, ports, services and sea management, marine resources, culture and heritage.

Minister Mizzi reciprocated the intentions expressed by Dr Borg to establish an ongoing dialogue between Government and the maritime industry so that this industry can continue to grow and corrective measures be taken to ensure that maritime Malta offers the highest of standards.  Minister Mizzi confirmed the Government’s commitment towards the development of the maritime industry and augured that this initiative being taken by the industry will result in the attraction of more maritime business to Malta.

In the course of this meeting, it was agreed that a working team be set up between Transport Malta and the Malta Maritime Forum so that the two sides can immediately commence discussing issues of common interest.  Both sides agree that the first priority should be given to education and training within the maritime industry.

The Malta Maritime Forum will be meeting with other ministers and parliamentary secretaries in the coming weeks to set the dialogue going between all the entities that have a vested interest in the Maltese maritime industry.

Source: Malta Independent

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