The European Shortsea Network (ESN) of which Malta forms part through the Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre has now assumed the stature of a legal entity by registering itself as a NGO and legal personality under the laws of Malta. The ESN comprises 22 European countries with the main objective being that of assisting the European Commission (DG Move) to shift movement of cargo from the road to the sea. After analyzing the legal frameworks available from a number of European countries, the ESN chose Malta and the Maltese law to host its legal entity so that the official seat of ESN is now Malta. During a board meeting of ESN held in Brussels on the 15th of January, the members of ESN signed the relevant documents required by Maltese law to formalize the registration of the entity.

As of January this year, Malta has also assumed the presidency of the ESN, and the Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre appointed one of its members, namely Mr. Godwin Xerri, to be the chairman of ESN throughout the Malta presidency period up to June 2017.

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