The Leader Ship 2020 report was recently launched by European Commission vice-president Antonio Tajani with the European Ships and Maritime Equipment Association with a view to improve the competitiveness of European maritime technology.

The new strategy, which puts forward a number of recommendations, is designed to foster new skills, competence and qualifications for public-private partnerships which contribute to a competitive and sustainable industry.

The report suggests four pillars of action. The employment and skills strategy seeks to address the problem of skill shortages in the ship and maritime industry on the strength of training provided by EU programmes such as the Programme for Social Change and Innovation 2014-2020.

To improve market access and fair market conditions, new ways will need to be defined to regulate unfair and unsustainable market practices and a broad framework which addresses ‘public value targets’ in European public tenders while time encouraging higher levels of innovation will need to be designed.

The approach aims to address issues such as access to finance, improvements to the finance environmental and the diversification into new markets on the strength of European Investment Bank funding opportunities, the exploration of potential measures for long-term ship financing and the possibility of creating a Blue private-public partnership.

This initiative will promote maritime research on zero emission and energy-efficient vessels and towards zero technical accident vessels as well as emerging market opportunities.

Leader Ship 2020 aims to place a strong emphasis on innovation, greening, application of new technologies and the diversification into new emerging markets, such as offshore wind energy.

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